Victims of Terror Fund

Supporting Victims of Terror and their families

The Fund is the first responder for families impacted by acts of terror and violence.

It provides immediate grants to victims, as needed, within 48 hours. The funds are distributed to all Israeli citizens irrespective of race, religion or ethnicity.

The grant is used for the immediate needs of the victims such as accommodation, food, clothing, funeral expenses and/or emotional and psychological support.

Ido, the husband of Israeli-French citizen Celine Ben David Nagar, at her funeral

The Jewish Agency's Fund for the Victims of Terror offers assistance to individuals and families in Israel who suffer hardship as a result of a terror attack or other national crisis. Since October 7, our emergency efforts have been focused on supporting this Fund which has helped hundreds of Israeli families, providing:

  • immediate financial support
  • basic needs such as food, clothing and accommodation
  • assistance with funeral expenses and associated costs
  • emotional and psychological support

As we begin to rebuild and assist the People in their recovery, we will still be supporting The Jewish Agency for Israel's Victims of Terror Fund through

  • An immediate grant and outreach of the Fund professionals to the family
  • The Funds provide rehabilitation services and grants to address post traumatic and recuperation efforts such as psychological care, job retaining and different therapies
  • Working with evacuees
  • Additional need-based grants to the most vulnerable victims including orphans, families who are known to the welfare system, those who have completely lost their homes and elderly people without family
  • Humanitarian grants

households received grants from the Funds for Victims of Terror

calls to the FVOT hotline

FVOT grants distributed already

40 mil NIS  
relief to regional councils in the South and North and loans to small businesses

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