Lone Immigrant Soldiers

Preparing immigrant soldiers for civilian life in Israel through funded grants


Our support for lone soldiers assists their transition into civilian life.

About 1,300 new immigrant (Olim) soldiers, alone in Israel without their families, complete their army service each year and have to cope with the challenges following their service.

While most young Israelis enjoy the help of their families in dealing with this transition, these young men and women need us to provide them with a helping hand. They need us to be their family in Israel. After years of service to their country and nation, for which they volunteered out of a deep feeling of commitment, these young idealistic Jews from around the world are faced with the challenge of finding a place to live, obtaining an education and pursuing a career path. They must also find ways to support themselves financially.

Israeli soldiers posing for a photo

What we offer

We provide ongoing and meaningful support to these young adults. Keren Hayesod-UIA, through its support to The Jewish Agency for Israel and in cooperation with other partners, provides these lone soldiers with various kinds of assistance including:

The Wings Program 
A pre-discharge seminar and workshop that provides employment guidance, individual coaching and financial counselling.  

Release Grants 
These grants help lone soldiers to buy necessary essentials and pay for other expenses related to their life as civilians. 

Wings Alumni Network 
This networking opportunity provides courses, workshops, trips and social events to promote optimal integration into Israeli society.

Our unique support ensures that lone immigrant soldiers are never alone. The transition to civilian life can be difficult, but together, we are ensuring that they have a strong network, dedicated mentors, unique workshops and special grants to help them succeed here in Israel.

This is run in partnership with The Jewish Agency for Israel.

lone soldiers supported annually

Special scholarships to help recently released soldiers

Wings alumni are supported through mentors and workshops

Wings seminar pre-IDF release to prepare for civilian life

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