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By supporting UIA you are supporting the priority needs of Israel and the Jewish people. You are assisting aliyah and absorption; strengthening Israel's border towns and disadvantaged areas; and bringing young Jews in the Diaspora closer to Israel and the Jewish people.

Thank you for supporting Israel's most valuable asset - OUR PEOPLE!

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Your donation is secure on our site.

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Need help deciding what to give? See how your donation can assist someone in need.

UIA support immigrants within these approved projects.



Medical treatment to a child in need. Feeds a youth village resident for a week.



Cultural activities in the absorption centre. Clothes for an immigrant.



Counselling for one Ethiopian child for a year. Technological training in the Net@ program.



Hebrew Language program for a new immigrant. Supports one child through the Youth Futures program.



Funds a scholarship for a lone soldier. Funds one at-risk youth in the pre-army program.



A new home for a new immigrant for one year. Renovation of a public bomb shelter.



Care for a disabled child in the Aleh Program. You can choose to donate an optional amount also.

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