Leave a gift in your will through UIA

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For the Israel you’ve always believed in... because we’ll always need it.

Just as Israel has always been there for you – your spiritual homeland and anchor point – a gift in your Will through United Israel Appeal (UIA) means you can be there for Israel and the Jewish People in perpetuity.


Supporting UIA with a gift in your Will is a meaningful and visionary way to create a legacy that will save lives, strengthen Jewish identity, fortify the fabric of Israeli society and reinforce solidarity among Jewish people.


Now more than ever, it is critical to safeguard Israel's long-term wellbeing by planning for and supporting the Israel of today, tomorrow and forever.


Leaving even 1% of your estate after taking care of your loved ones can have a profound impact and help create a stronger future for Israel and its People.


A gift in your Will to the People of Israel through UIA will support key initiatives including:

  • Aliyah and absorption
  • Educating and mentoring youth at risk
  • Caring for the elderly
  • Rehabilitating victims of terror, and in particular rebuilding communities in the South in the aftermath of October 7
  • Global Jewish identity and Peoplehood

Your generous legacy will help the People of Israel thrive.




Have you generously left a gift to UIA in your Will? Please let us know. Contact Us.




Your legacy, your impact

Hear Diana’s story, who together with her two sons was rescued from Ukraine in 2022. With UIA’s help, she was able to settle and rebuild her family’s life in Israel.


“I never expected I would need Israel the way I do now. As a Jew, its mere existence was a comfort for my soul and source of pride for my people, but my home was Ukraine."


The Kedar and Barkai families are survivors of the October 7 terrorist attacks on Kibbutz Be’eri. They left their Kibbutz with nothing. The Keren Hayesod - United Israel Appeal and Jewish Agency for Israel Victims Of Terror Fund is helping the families with emergency assistance to get back on their feet and overcome their trauma.


“We came with nothing. We started getting the grants from the Fund for the Victims of Terror... and handed it out to the entire Kibbutz, and that was a really significant breathing channel - it was the first grant we received."



How to leave a gift in your Will to UIA

We at UIA, are grateful for your consideration in leaving a gift in your Will, a gesture that will make a profound difference. Should you wish to provide the greatest opportunity for your generosity to make an impact, we recommend a residual untied gift.


We promise to use your gift to ensure that the Israel you have always known and believed in will remain a strong, safe haven, supporting, nurturing and caring for all Jews.


Even a gift of 1% of your estate, after your loved ones have been taken care of, can safeguard Israel for future generations.





In your memory

Each year United Israel Appeal - Keren Hayesod pays tribute to the memory of those who are no longer with us, who generously remembered UIA by leaving a gift in their Will.


This is done through a special Yizkor ceremony held on Shavuot at the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem. Each benefactors’ name is read out- together with Israel’s deceased Presidents and Prime Ministers- thereby acknowledging their support for and dedication to the future of Israel.


In addition, UIA Australia honours our generous benefactors with an acknowledgement on our Memorial Boards and annual Shavuot memorial cards. Melbourne benefactors are also remembered in a memorial notice in the Jewish News during the high holidays prior to Yom Kippur.





Hear from our supporters who have generously left a gift in their Will to UIA


Michael Rosenfeld Bequest


“I chose to continue supporting UIA and Israel after my passing to remain a part of the rich heritage into which I was born. There is no greater privilege. Israel is the home for my soul, and its future rests on the shoulders of my generation and those to come. Including a gift to UIA in my Will allows me to uphold this responsibility on behalf of my family and ancestors, ensuring the continuity and prosperity of our rich heritage."



-Michael Rosenfeld, NSW

Karen Pisk


“My legacy gift to Israel through UIA allowed me to demonstrate my enduring bond and commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others, especially in supporting the future of the Jewish Homeland and its people. I feel a sense of pride and fulfilment by achieving my philanthropic goal. Supporting UIA reflects my commitment to their enduring mission, ensuring they can continue their work with a future gift to the People of Israel.”


-Karen Pisk, NSW

Susie Langley Bequest


“I have a deep, lifelong connection to Eretz Yisrael - from memories of my father's tears during the Six-Day War, to my time spent living in Israel. I believe the people of Israel should receive continuous support from the diaspora to affirm solidarity between Jews everywhere. Including UIA in my Will gives me peace of mind, knowing my family's hard-earned money will support a trusted cause, ensuring security and safety for the people of Israel whilst also continuing the legacy my parents began.” 


-Susie Langley, VIC




For more information

We understand the decision to leave a gift in your Will is an intensely personal matter. We welcome you to contact your local UIA office for a confidential discussion about leaving a gift in your Will through UIA:



For a limited time only (with some exceptions), UIA’s pro bono solicitors are offering to create or amend all Wills with UIA named as a beneficiary free of charge.




Have you generously left a gift to Israel through UIA in your Will? Please let us know. Contact Us.