Aliyah and Absorption

Rescuing Jews from countries of distress and building human capital in Israel

Aliyah has been at the core of Keren Hayesod-UIA for over 100 years.

Since Israel was established, Keren Hayesod-UIA, together with The Jewish Agency and the Government of Israel, has assisted more than 3.5 million Jews to immigrate to Israel.

Israel’s future depends on the continuation of Aliyah and it is a national priority to bring any Jew, from anywhere in the world, to Israel.

People walking off an aeroplane in Israel after making aliyah

Rising anti-Semitism around the world has given new urgency to Aliyah. The state of uncertainty in many countries has made Aliyah a necessity. We have seen an increase in demand for Aliyah services. Consequently, we have increased our global infrastructure. 

We are responding by sending more Aliyah emissaries abroad and providing more security to ensure their and the local community’s welfare is provided for. Additionally, we are ensuring a greater availability of absorption frameworks in Israel to address the growing demand for these services.

Preparation for Aliyah varies based on the cultural and social nuances of each country and includes the following:

  • Professional counselling and employment guidance 
  • Classes about Jewish identity and Israeli society 
  • Preparatory courses for psychometric testing and professional licensing exams 
  • Intensive Hebrew classes 
  • Preparation of visas 
  • Video conferences with Israeli professionals

During their first months in Israel, many new immigrants live at absorption centres or Kibbutzim where they attend Ulpan. They benefit from support services that promote their full participation in Israeli society. Strategic efforts focus on programs that empower new immigrants who live in 17 Keren Hayesod-UIA supported and Jewish Agency operated absorption centres throughout Israel.

Key programs include: 

  • Intensive Hebrew courses 
  • Jewish and Israeli holiday celebrations 
  • Excursions to places of interest to learn about Judaism, Zionism and life in Israel 
  • Job placement workshops 
  • Disseminating information about educational opportunities

absorption centres throughout Israel

Olim since 1948

Intensive Hebrew language classes

Jewish and Israeli education provided

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