In every generation they try to destroy us – so what makes this generation different?

28 March 2024

If there is one theme that has plagued the Pesach tradition since Temple times, it’s questions. “Mah Nishtana?” The youngest member of the family sings, “why is this night different from all other nights?”, “why do we lean?” “why do we drink four cups of wine?” and inevitably, “when can we eat?” is asked by at least one member of every household. Yet this Pesach, even though the same traditions and customs that have been followed for thousands of years will once again be followed by Jewish households around the world, this year things feel different. 

This year, the Jewish People are at war, Israel is in a state of emergency and thousands of people have been displaced, injured and killed. This year, the words in the Haggadah seem even more poignant - “not only one arose and tried to destroy us, rather in every generation they try to destroy us”. We know that throughout history we have been persecuted: Pharoah, Haman, Hitler and now Hamas. The experience is one that the People of Israel are unfortunately all too familiar with and while the enemy may have different names, their aim is always the same.

But there is something else that is different: we are, as Steven Lowy AM, Chairman of the World Board of Trustees of Keren Hayesod-UIA, said at the recent UIA Gala Event: “We have a strong diaspora”. A united diaspora and a reliable, supportive diaspora that the People of Israel can turn to. While the scale of the challenge for our homeland and our people is still to be determined, we know that we can call on you, our generous supporters to help the People of Israel in this time of need.
UIA committed through the Victims of Terror Fund to stand with the victims of Hamas’ terror and we will continue to do so through medium and long term support. This means working with ten Kibbutzim and Moshavim along the Gaza border to ensure the social fabric of their communities is restored. It also includes facilitating a number of camps over Pesach for children, many of whom have been displaced from their homes on Kibbutzim affected by terrorism and will provide reprieve and enjoyment for traumatised school children. Evacuated children from Zikim who are currently staying at the Dan Caesarea Hotel will be attending a camp in Givat Olga while a camp will also be held in Kedma for children from Nir Oz. A four-day camp will also be held for school children from Sha'ar HaNegev.

Additionally, we need to be prepared for large waves of Aliyah due to unprecedented antisemitism globally. And it goes without saying that we will continue to support the People of Israel who have come to trust in the work of KH-UIA over the past 100 years. The responsibility is vast, but knowing that we have each other to turn to, to rely on for support will get us through this challenging time. Am Yisrael Chai!

This Pesach, we ask you to consider sending a UIA e-card to your family and friends in lieu of gifts. To send a UIA e-card please visit