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“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform” – Diane Mariechild

The purpose of UIA WA's Women's Division is to make a difference. By working together, the Women's Division helps secure Israel’s future and ensure the wellbeing of the Jewish people. Dedicated women activists focus on the people of Israel who are most vulnerable, in need and threatened.

They are also extremely involved in helping to reinforce the foundations of Jewish life and advancing the values of social justice and democracy. The Women's Division is a vibrant global community of committed Jewish women, through 40 Women’s Campaigns in 20 countries, demonstrating a common goal in the love and support of Israel.

The WA Women's Division is committed to the needs and priorities of the State of Israel with emphasis on the periphery and the South, and has decided to engage with a project that gives Olim a chance to retrain in their professional fields. The Women's Division allocates funds to this special and inspiring project - 'Profession For Life'. 

A Profession For Life

Profession for Life is a project that provides life-changing opportunities for new immigrants to requalify in their profession. For most new immigrants, successful absorption is essential to fulfilling their dreams and potential. Keren Hayesod-UIA provides new immigrants with programs which provide them with the knowledge and professional training needed to achieve independence and integration into their new life in Israel.

A Foundation for Success

Absorption programs make the difference between a relatively smooth integration and one fraught with hardships.

Although they vary widely in size, capacity and population, absorption programs provide a holistic approach to integration that can provide a solid foundation for success. In each program, new immigrants learn Hebrew, enjoy communal celebrations of Jewish holidays and take part in excursions and courses that teach them about Judaism, Zionism and life in Israel. Students and young adults benefit from unique professionally-tailored vocational programs, which fast-track their way to successful employment in high-demand sectors and upward socio-economic mobility.

Some of these programs include:

  • Doctors’ Licensing Program - for physicians seeking to pass the Israeli medical licensing examination, in order to be able to practice medicine in Israel. This includes 5 months of Ulpan, an additional 4.5 months of Hebrew classes focusing on medical terms and a 5-month course to prepare for the exam. This program takes place in Ashdod, Be’er Sheva, and Merchavia
  • CNC Program - participants in Carmiel attend a 5-month Ulpan followed by 9 months of training in Computer Numerical Control
  • Electrical Wiring Training - 13-month course that teaches 15 participants annually about electronics, how to prepare 'protected rooms' from chemical attacks and other skills, which takes place in Hananit (near Hadera). Graduates receive certification from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce
  • Nurses’ Licensing Program - targets new immigrants from the FSU who are already trained nurses and includes a 14-month intensive course about Hebrew medical terminology, to allow them to qualify to practice in Israel
  • Seamen’s Training - 10-month course to teach new immigrants from the FSU to work on ships as Merchant Seamen
  • Development of Applications for Mobile Devices - a training course provided in Kiryat Yam for young adults with a background in this field
  • Tel Ran Training in Software Engineering - a 5-month ulpan combined with 8 months of professional training. Graduates receive certification from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce
  • Hotelier Course - an employment program for absorption and immediate job placement in Eilat’s Isrotel or Fattal hotels
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