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UIA_WomenThe purpose of the Women's Division is to make a difference. By working together, Women's Division helps secure Israel’s future and ensures the wellbeing of the Jewish people. Dedicated female activists focus on the people of Israel who are most vulnerable, in need and threatened.

They are also deeply involved in helping to reinforce the foundations of Jewish life and advancing the values of social justice and democracy. The Women's Division is a vibrant global community of committed Jewish women dedicated to ensuring the continuity of the Jewish people and strength of the State of Israel. The International Women's Division (IWD) invites women to share in our passion and contribute their intelligence, creativity and resources to help us meet the great challenges and opportunities we face.

Women’s Division Victoria takes great pride in its encouragement of all Jewish women in the Community to join the cause and make a difference. Through involvement in the Division, women are able to have strong leadership roles and act as valuable members of the Community.



professions for life

In Victoria, the Women’s Division 2020 Campaign is raising funds for KH-UIA’s project, Professions for Life. After new immigrants arrive in Israel, it is crucial that they have a smooth integration into Israeli society. For many, a successful absorption is imperative to fulfilling their dreams and potential. The multidimensional approach of Professions for Life offers a unique path for helping new immigrants and their families to settle into Israel in a framework that offers a guiding hand, support and hope for a brighter future.

Stella - Profession for Life

Professions for Life offers a holistic approach to integration and a solid foundation for success. Participants are all new immigrants, and the various tracks help them convert their professional licenses or gain new qualifications that help increase their employability in Israel. The new immigrants benefit from specialised courses that give them the tools to fast track their way to successful employment in high-demand sectors and help them experience upward socio-economic mobility. Participants and their families also enjoy Hebrew language lessons, resume and job seeking assistance; housing and social programming.

Professional Fast Tracks include doctors' and nurses' relicensing programs; chefs and culinary training courses and software engineering training.

  • 450 annual participants
  • 99% olim secure employment
  • 15 Professional Fast Tracks
  • 13 vocational training facilities across Israel



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