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Women’s Division recognises women as the pillar of the Jewish family and the educators of the next generation therefore ensuring Jewish continuity. This strength is harnessed globally through 40 Women’s Campaigns in 20 countries, demonstrating a common goal in the love and support of Israel.

The aim of UIA Women’s Division is to involve Jewish women as active participants in the fulfillment of the needs of new Olim. This includes their Immigration and Absorption, raising funds to support the basic needs of housing, health and education - ultimately strengthening the State of Israel and its people.


Profession for Life is a new focus for 2017 that provides life-changing opportunities for new immigrants to requalify in their profession. For most new immigrants, successful absorption is essential to fulfilling both their dreams and potential. Keren Hayesod-UIA provides new immigrants with programs which provide them with the knowledge and professional training needed to achieve independence and integration into their new life in Israel.

Some of these programs include:

  • The Physicians and Nurses Licencing Program - targets new immigrants from the FSU who are already trained and includes a 14-month intensive course in Hebrew medical terminology to facilitate their employment in Israel

  • Computer Numerical Control Program - participants attend a 5-month Ulpan followed by 9 months of training in Computer Numerical Control

   Profession for Life Combo Website


Funded by the Jewish Agency and UIA, the Nurit Absorption Centre has fulfilled the many needs of new Ethiopian Olim. NSW Women’s Division has supported the Centre since 2000 and has funded the following special projects to improve the facilities within Nurit: 

  • 2 computer rooms and Etgarim –  Hebrew/Amharic dual language educational software

  • Sponsorship of annual Bar/Bat Mitzvah programs

  • Fully-equipped playground

  • Establishment of an Early Childhood Learning Centre

  • 7 new Ulpan classrooms

  • Library program

  • Renovation of Synagogue

  • Equipment upgrade for computer rooms

The Centre is now open to all immigrants and NSW Women’s Division continues to support the Bar/Bat Mitzvah program.

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The 2016 KH - UIA International Women’s Division European Conference was held in Paris, where 65 women from around the world united.

The highlight of the Conference was the handing over of the presidency by out-going head, Nelly De Bobrow to Penny Hurst OAM from Australia. This is a wonderful recognition of Penny’s many years of dedication to UIA and Women's Division particularly. It's also testament to how the Australian Women's Division is held in high regard. 

iwd paris_2
L-R: Outgoing President Nelly de Bobrow, Incoming President Penny Hurst OAM




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Or L'Atid
The Or L'Atid - a light for the future - is represented by a Lion of Judah carrying a flame. It requires a one off contribution of $100,000 and the interest generated will become a perpetual annual Lion of Judah contribution. This endowment can be given in the name of a daughter or granddaughter thereby guaranteeing the commitment to Israel for the next generation.

Or L

Tiferet Lion of Judah
The Tiferet Lion of Judah is awarded to exemplary women who through their nobleness of spirit have upgraded their commitment to the highest level of giving - $100,000 on an ongoing basis. "Tiferet" means honour. The generosity of these women is an expression of their dedication to the continuity and enrichment of our people. They bring Tiferet to the Jewish people and to the State of Israel.

Tiferent LOJ Website

The Lion of Judah
The Lion of Judah has been chosen as the symbol of our peoples’ strength and determination. It is presented to those women who have reached a level of commitment and dedication, pledging $5,000 or more annually, inspiring others to take personal responsibility for the humanitarian needs of Israel and its people. The pin is proudly worn by women worldwide reaffirming the belief that individual giving is a privilege and a responsibility.

LOJ Website

Lev Chai
The Lev Chai is an internationally recognised level of giving expressing the solidarity of women towards Jewish continuity. It requires an annual pledge of $1,800. The pin has a Magen David intertwined with three hearts – representing a loving heart, a giving heart and a Jewish heart – linking the State of Israel with Jewish women around the world.

Lev Chai Website

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