2024 UIA WA Women's Division Event


Hear Their Voices
Israeli Women: Powerful Stories

Join the UIA Women's Division for an evening of unity and solidarity for the People of Israel. 

This year's event will feature a panel of courageous Israeli women as we shine a light on their resilience, bravery and strength in the aftermath of the 7 October massacre, and give you an insight into life in Israel through a female lens. 

Introducing our first panelist - Michal Rahav - a survivor from Kibbutz Nirim who will share her family's story.

Trapped in her safe room for 17 hours with her husband and their 3 children, as terrorists massacred members of her kibbutz and tried to infiltrate their home, she armed her children with weapons and told them, "whatever comes through that door - we have to fight - fight for your life and don't give up." Michal's story is one of survival, courage and bravery.


Stay tuned for further details of the other panelists. 

Wednesday 20 March 2024

6.30pm Arrival, security check and registration

Followed by formalities 

This is a seated event but food will not be served. 

This is a ladies only event.

This is a fundraising event and individual donation cards will be handed out at the event. Our commitment to Heartbeats, supporting Israel's most vulnerable families with infants aged 0-3 is more vital than ever. These families are now suffering physical displacement, psychological and emotional trauma, increased child neglect, domestic violence and food insecurity. We can make a difference and we will make a difference.

Enquiries: 9275 1186 | info@uiawa.org.au

Event details
2024 WA Women's Division Campaign
Advised prior to event
Ticket Cost
$18 per person